Pastelitos de Fresa

Sweet strawberry cupcakes with swirls of strawberry American buttercream and strawberry pu-ree. Garnished with fresh California strawberries

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Fresas Rellenas de Jalapeño y Queso Crema

A fresh new take on your classic Jalapeño Popper recipe. This uses fresh, juicy red California Strawberries as the popper base, adding in bits of jalapeño & bacon to a cream cheese filling. It’s a bit of savory & sweet with every delicious bite!

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Fresas Matcha

The combination of white chocolate, matcha and strawberries is incredible. These are so easy to make, simply melt chocolate, stir in matcha and dip. The hardest part is waiting for the chocolate to harden!

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Pastel de Fresa

Strawberry cake made with real strawberries enrobed in smooth, silky strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream. Garnished with chocolate ganache drip, pearl sprinkles and chocolate dipped California strawberries.

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