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California Strawberry Farm Tour

Jose Luis Rocha Jr: Agricultor de Fresas

Un pequeño grupo de chefs, personas influyentes en la comida y el estilo de vida tuvieron la oportunidad de conocer al agricultor de fresas de California, José Luis Rocha Jr. Rocha Jr. Berry Farms José, un agricultor de fresas de tercera generación, dio la bienvenida a más de una docena

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California Strawberry Farmer

Un Agricultor de Fresa en Turlock

A few highlights captured from our visit with Bee: Who knew that some of the most delicious strawberries in the world are grown on a tiny little farm in the little town of Turlock, California? Nearly 30 years ago, Bee Yang’s father immigrated from Laos to pursue his dream of

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Un administrador de la Tierra: Hector Gutierrez

Hector Gutierrez is a first-generation strawberry farmer from Oxnard, California. He exemplifies environmental responsibility in California strawberry farming. Growing up in an agricultural family in the Central Valley, Hector developed a profound respect for the land and a desire be a steward of the environment.

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Oxnard Strawberry Farmer

Conoce a un Agricultor de Fresas de Oxnard

A third generation California strawberry farmer, Glen’s grandfather – and then father – laid the groundwork (literally) back in the 1960’s for what Glen now considers his life. What started out as a small, 15 acre farm has now blossomed into a 600-acre family business. And it looks like there’s no end in sight to this family tradition, with most of his family in the business and signs that the next generation is poised to take the helm in the years to come.

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